About Dr. Jazayeri

Ali John Jazayeri, DDS

Dr. Ali John Jazayeri

Doctor of Dental Surgery

Our dentist, Dr. Jazayeri, known to his patients as Dr. J, understands that being a good dentist takes more than just being knowledge and having good hand skills. Dr. J takes his time to get to know each and every one of his patients. This helps him determine the best course of treatment based upon your individual needs. For instance, one patient wants to know exactly what is happening to his or her mouth the whole time, while the next patient simply wants to relax and listen to music throughout the entire treatment. Dr. J pays attention to these subtle details to get to know what works best for you and customizes his treatment style to suit your needs and expectations.

Dr. Jazayeri has perfected the art of dentistry during his 17 years of experience in the dental field. He delivers quality dentistry with utmost precision and minimal discomfort. His stellar academic and professional background speaks for itself. Born and raised right here in beautiful Orange County, Dr. J completed his undergraduate studies at UCI and the attended one of nation’s top dental school at UCLA. Upon graduation, he completed an additional one-year advanced hospital residency program at St. Barnabas hospital located in Bronx, NY. The hospital training primarily focused on complicated surgeries, dental implants, sedation and other complex treatments. Soon afterwards, he attended and graduated from the renounced year-long NYU Implant Seminar course, taught by Dr. Arun Garg, in 2008. He has been practicing dentistry ever since, having fixed countless teeth and placed thousands of dental implants.

Dr. Jazayeri has focused his dentistry style primarily on comprehensive oral rehabilitation. His unique style combines cosmetic, implant, general, preventive and sedation dentistry to give you the smile of your dreams in on time. His patients find it extremely convenient to seek all their treatment from one dentist and under one roof. Additionally, his broad scope of practice enables him to offer you a more integral treatment plan to address all your dental needs without making compromises or sacrifices. Whether you need a root canal, crown, dental implant, veneer or any other dental treatment, consider consulting with Dr. J first. Remember, we offer free consultations and second opinions, so you have nothing to lose!