Advanced Technologies

Soft Tissue Laser

Soft Tissue Laser

Laser is very useful in dentistry and has a wide range of uses. Laser can be used for cutting soft tissue, fixing small cavities, cleaning infected teeth canals, accelerating teeth whitening and so much more. One big advantage of using laser is its minimal discomfort. In fact, most laser treatments are performed without giving any shots or anesthetics. We utilize the versatile Odyssey soft tissue laser for our laser treatments.

Bio Screen Oral Cancer

Oral Cancer Screening Light

Oral cancer accounts for 1% of overall cancers with nearly 50,000 people being diagnosed annually with oral cancer. While oral cancer is more prevalent in smokers, a quarter of those diagnosed happen to be non-smokers. Like most other cancers, early detection is key to saving lives. To better capture oral cancer lesions, we have invested in the latest technology known as Bio/Screen Oral Exam System. Bio/Screen emits a special blue light which identifies changes in tissues which cannot be detected with visual inspection alone. Suspicious lesions are either monitored or sent for biopsy based on the way they look, your medical history and background.

Dental Implants

We have all the equipment needed to perform all types of dental implant procedures. Whether you need one implant, two implant, implant/dentures or all-on-four dental implants, we’re equipped to offer you treatment that fits to your budget and needs. In addition to individual implants we also offer combined implant-denture hybrids as well as all-on-four teeth. We utilize both Zimmer and Hiossen surgical implant kits and work with several different implant systems.

CBCT Carestream

CBCT/Panoramic Machine

These advanced X-rays are very helpful for surgical procedures such as implant placement and tooth removal. Panoramic X-rays capture your jawbone to show missing teeth, wisdom teeth and suspicious lesions. CBCT X-rays captures 3D views to identify exactly where nerves and sinus membranes are located for dental implant placement. We use the marvelous Carestream 9000 2D/3D machine manufactured by Kodak.

Digital X-Rays

The best thing about digital X-rays is that they offer 1/2 to 1/3 of the radiation as compared to traditional X-rays. That’s a big difference in terms of radiation exposure! We offer digital X-rays for your convenience, which are both faster and safer than traditional films. We use the Schick digital X-ray sensor system in conjunction with Eaglesoft software.

Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera is used to visualize and capture pictures of your teeth and gums. Intraoral cameras are a great supplement to traditional X-rays, helping you and your dentist better visualize your teeth and gums. Intraoral cameras are great for detecting details such as plaque, cracked teeth, broken fillings, tooth wear and other superficial defects. Intraoral camera are also a great way of taking before and after photos of your teeth and gums to track your progress when receiving cosmetic treatment. Our intraoral camera is small and has no risk or radiation exposure associated with it.

Zoom Teeth Whitening


Zoom teeth whitening is probably the best teeth whitening system. It does however require its own light to activate the gel. The light accelerates the teeth whitening process by breaking down the hydrogen peroxide gel particles faster, making your whitening much more effective. We offer the latest Zoom! LED light, Advanced Power Plus. This is the first light manufactured by Philips, and it is very effective and at the same time causes less post-treatment sensitivity.

Rotary Root Canal

Rotary root canal, or endo, machines facilitate root canal therapy. Rotary endo performs the oscillation to automatically clean out your nerve canals. It makes root canal treatment quicker and more accurate. Think of using rotary endo as using an electric toothbrush as opposed to a hand-held one, where the toothbrush does half of the work for you. We have two rotary endo systems, the Militex Union Broach as well as the NSK rotary system. We also use SybronEndo Touch ‘N Heat to dissect the Gutta Percha.

Pulse Oximeter w/ Alert System

Pulse oximeter is used for conscious sedation to monitor your vitals when you are sedated. Pulse oximeter automatically measures your blood pressure, heart rate and hemoglobin blood saturation during the entire treatment. The machine sends an alert if any of your vitals pass a critical level to alert your doctor to take necessary actions. We use the reputable Criticare eQuality Patient Monitor for our conscious sedation treatments.