Preventive Dentistry

What is preventive dentistry?

We may be equipped to fix all your dental problems, but why wait for teeth to go bad in the first place? Preventive dentistry is not only easier than invasive treatments, but it is less costly and pain-free. Preventive dentistry focuses on treatments that prevent cavities, infection and gum disease from developing. Preventive dental treatments pay off over the long-term by maintaining healthy teeth and gums as you grow older.

What are some preventive dentistry treatments?

Regardless of your age, there’s a preventive treatment designed to protect your teeth and gums. For instance, sealants are designed to fight off cavities in children. Placing sealants could avoid the need for fillings, which turn into root canals and crowns over time, thus protecting your teeth from a lifetime of repeated dental work. When you’re in your 20s and 30s, getting regular dental cleanings helps you have strong, solid teeth for when you grow old. Even older people can take advantage of preventive dentistry to get their dental problems under control. Treatments such as applying oral irrigation, wearing nightguards, addressing dry mouth and restoring missing teeth, all help protect your teeth and jawbone during your golden years. To learn more about various preventive dentistry procedures, click on the appropriate topic: