How does teeth whitening work?

  • before-teeth-whitening
    Before chair-side teeth whitening with Zoom.

Tooth whitening uses a high concentration Carbamide Peroxide or Hydrogen Peroxide to remove stains and bleach from your teeth. These bleaching products break down into peroxide, which penetrates deep into tooth surfaces. Peroxide breaks down internal stains within our teeth to bleach and lighten your smile.

What are my options for teeth whitening?

If you’ve been considering whitening your teeth, then you’re probably aware of the countless options available. From toothpastes to mouthwashes, trays to whitestrips, paint-on products to pens, there seems to be endless ways to whiten ones teeth. Whitening toothpastes work by removing surface stains to make your teeth appear whiter. Whitening gels work by applying peroxide to break down internal stains.

What’s the advantage of whitening my teeth at the dentist?

If you want the absolute best, then you should talk to your dentist about how to get whiter teeth. Whitening procedures offered by your dentist are far more effective than over-the-counter methods. This is because only dentists are allowed to use high concentration Peroxides. These high concentration Peroxides are dangerous if used unsupervised as they can burn and permanently damage your teeth and gums. Typically, most dentists offer an in-office whitening treatment as well as a take-home option.

How does in-office teeth whitening work?

Before in-office teeth whitening, abarrier must be placed to protect your gums from the Peroxide gel.

This is the most effective way to whiten your smile. Your dentist will whiten your teeth during a single 45 minutes to hour-long session. Here is how chair-side whitening is performed by your dentist:

  • Treatment starts off by placing a barrier to isolate your gums. This barrier prevents the whitening gel from coming into contact with your gum surfaces.
  • Your dentist or the assistants will carefully apply whitening gel to all teeth surfaces that are planned for whitening. The gel remains on your teeth for 45 minutes to an hour, allowing the bleaching agent to whiten your teeth substantially.
  • Most bleaching systems use a UV or LED light to breakdown the bleaching gel faster. This helps accelerate whitening results for an even whiter smile. You will be given a set of goggles to wear if your bleaching system does use an accelerating light.

How does take-home teeth whitening work?

Custom trays are used with bleaching gel to whiten your teeth at the convenience of your home.

Take-home teeth whitening allows you to whiten your teeth at the convenience of your own home. Here is how it works:

  • Your dentist will make you a set of custom bleaching trays. These trays sit snug on your teeth to directly apply whitening gel onto your teeth.\
  • Start by brushing your teeth thoroughly.
  • Carefully insert the whitening gel inside your custom trays into areas planned for whitening. Position the trays gently onto your teeth, making sure not to mix in any excess saliva.
  • Remove excess gel which pours onto your gums to prevent gum irritation.
  • Allow your trays to stay in your mouth as per the manufacturers recommendation or until experiencing tooth sensitivity or pain. Wear times vary, ranging from an hour to overnight, all depending on the whitening gel system which you’re using.

Teeth whitening in San Clemente:

If you’re interested in chair-side or take-home teeth whitening, give us a call today. We offer both Zoom and Boost whitening systems, both which produce amazing results. Call us at (949) 481-2540 or book your whitening appointment online. We will access your teeth to see which whitening treatment is most suitable to your needs. Schedule your whitening treatment and be amazed at how much whiter your teeth can become in a very short time.

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