What is infection control?

We autoclave all critical instruments to protect you and ourselves!

Infection control refers to the office protocol implemented to reduce the possibility of germs spreading. We take numerous safety measures to ensure you’re safety at all times. Here is some of our infection protocol guidelines which we implement:

  • Protective Personal Equipment: We use protective personal equipment (PPE) like disposable gloves, face masks and eye gear to reduce the spread of germs.
  • Designated Sharps Container: We use designated sharps containers and practice aseptic injection techniques to avoid needle pricks and contamination.
  • Barriers: We place protective barriers on all surfaces which come into contact with patients.
  • General Hygiene: We clean the office daily and in between patients. Plus, we purge and flush water lines at the beginning of each day and in-between each patient to flush out our water system.

Sterilization Protocol:

One of the most important steps in maintaining infection control is disinfecting and sterilizing critical and semi-critical equipment. We autoclave all appropriate instruments after each use. Plus, we test our autoclave machine weekly by performing a biological spore tests. We use the ConFirm biological monitoring system to verify our spore test results. Equipment which are not eligible for sterilization are cleaned using cold sterilization. We typically use Glutaraldehyde hospital grade disinfection solution.

Disposable Instruments:

Disposable equipment, such as suctions and barriers, are discarded after each use. For each patient we use a clean, new suction, spray, tray cover, barrier, etc. As you can see, we take your health and safety very seriously. After all, by protecting you we also protect ourselves in the process!

If you’d like to have question about our infection control protocol, please contact us via email. We will be happy to provide you with a copy of our office infection control protocol upon request.