Proper infection control ensures everyone’s safety including the staff, doctor and patients

Infection control refers to the dental office protocol implemented to reduce germ spread. Proper infection control is important to everyone’s safety, including the staff, the doctor, and of course the patient. We take numerous measures to ensure proper infection control. Here are some of our infection protocol guidelines:

Protective Personal Equipment

Protective personal equipment (PPE) protect patients and staff from cross contamination. We use protective personal equipment including disposable gloves, face masks, and eye gear to reduce the spread of germs.

Designated Sharps Container

Used needles, sutures, and other sharp objects are properly disposed in designated sharps containers. We also practice aseptic injection techniques to eliminate the possibility of accidental needle pricks.


We place disposable protective barriers on all surfaces which may come into contact with the patient. You will notice barriers on the chair, suction, light handle, and all other surfaces that may get contaminated during routine dental visits. All barriers are switched out between patients to prevent cross-contamination.

General Hygiene

Our assistants clean the rooms thoroughly in between patient visits. We purge and flush the water lines at the beginning of each day and in between each patient. This helps flush out the water system to further reduce cross-contamination.

Sterilization Protocol

This is among the most effective steps in maintaining infection control. WE disinfect and sterilize all critical and semi-critical equipments. We do this by autoclaving all reusable instruments after each use. We test our autoclave machine weekly by performing biological spore tests. We use ConFirm biological monitoring system to verify our spore test results. Equipment that is not eligible for sterilization is cleaned using cold sterilization or surface disinfectants. We typically use Glutaraldehyde hospital-grade disinfection solution to clean these instruments.

Disposable Instruments

Disposable equipment, such as suction and barriers, are discarded after each use. For each patient we use a brand new barrier, suction, tray cover, et. All disposable items that are touched will be discarded afterward, regardless of whether they were used or not.

Your health and safety is our number one priority. By protecting you from cross contamination we’re also protecting ourselves! If you have questions about our infection control protocol please contact us via e-mail. We will gladly provide you with a copy of our office infection control protocol upon request.