What are implant supported dentures?

Model of overdenture attached to 2 dental implants.

Implant supported dentures, or overdentures, are dentures which anchor onto several dental implants. By adding just a few dental implants, you can lock your dentures securely in place. This makes them much more stable and more functional. Plus, implant supported dentures are smaller than traditional dentures, which makes them more comfortable to wear.

What are the benefits of implant supported dentures?


Implant-supported denture connected to a Hader bar.

If you’re an unhappy denture wearer, then you’ve probably been researching dental implants. Implant supported dentures offer an affordable solution which offers many benefits over traditional dentures. Here are some benefits of having implants to support your dentures:

  • One obvious advantage is that overdenture are more secure and stable. This means you can talk, eat and laugh with more confidence. Plus, you no longer have to worry about your teeth flying out accidentally!
  • Implants supported dentures don’t rock as much during chewing. This means less gum irritation and fewer sore spots in your mouth.
  • Better speech is another big advantage of adding implants to your dentures.
  • Finally, you won’t have to use all that annoying denture cream any longer!

Last but not least, implant supported dentures help protect your jawbone. Complete dentures damage your jawbone over the years, causing accelerated bone loss and shrinkage. Conversely, implant supported dentures reduce the pressure exerted onto your jawbone to help preserve them. Additionally, this helps maintain better facial muscle appearance which makes you feel younger and healthier!

What are the different types of implant supported dentures?

  • overdentures-two-implants
    You need a minimum of 2 dental implants to support overdentures.

There are three basic options when it comes to implant supported dentures, which are:

  • 2 dental implants and overdenture
  • 4 dental implants and overdenture
  • 4 dental implants plus a bar and overdenture

Each treatment option offers a varying degree of support and stability. Of course, cost of treatment correlates with the number of implants which you receive. So which is the best treatment option for you? This depends on your jaw size, arch shape, bone quality, bite forces, diet, opposing teeth structure and other factors. Your dentist will help you understand what is the best treatment option for you during your consultation appointment.

If you’d like to learn more about implant-supported dentures, request your complimentary consultation with us today. Call (949) 481-2540 or book your consult online today. Our dentist, Dr. Jazayeri, will review your X-rays to access your bone quality and present your treatment options to you. We will review different treatments to help you decide which is going to work best for you. Come in today to see how comfortable chewing your meals can be with just a few implants in your mouth!

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