We use the most advanced technologies:

We pride ourselves in offering our patients the best that dentistry has to offer. This is why we have invested in plenty of advanced technologies to better serve you. From advanced imaging to lasers, from root canal technology to dental implant equipment, we use the latest to and improve quality of care. Here is a list of some of these latest technologies which you might find us using for your treatment:

Soft Tissue Laser


Laser has become a very useful part of practicing dentistry, given its wide range of uses and applications. We use laser for trimming gum tissue, deep cleaning, fixing smaller cavities and accelerating teeth whitening. The biggest advantage of using laser is that it causes minimal discomfort and minimizes bleeding levels. Plus, most laser treatment is performed without giving you a shot! Four our laser treatments, we utilize the versatile Odyssey soft tissue system in our practice.

Pulse Oximeter w/ Alert System

Using pulse oximeter is mandatory for our ocal conscious sedation dentistry treatments. Pulse oximeter monitors your blood pressure, heart rate and hemoglobin blood saturation. It sends an automatic alert if your vitals fall below a critical level and alerts your doctor to take corrective measures. We use hospital grade Criticare eQuality Patient Monitor system for our conscious sedation treatments.

Bio/Screen Oral Cancer Detection Technology


Oral cancer accounts for nearly 1% of all cancers, with 50,000 new diagnosis each year. Like most other cancers, early detection is key to long-term survival. We have invested in the latest technology known as Bio/Screen Oral Exam System to assist us in diagnosing oral cancer and pre-cancerous lesions. The Bio/Screen device emits a special blue light which identifies early stage changes in tissues invisible to the naked eye. When necessary, we will perform biopsy on suspicious lesions or make appropriate referral if needed.

3D Dental Imaging


CT scan and panoramic X-rays are essential for performing surgical procedures such as dental implants and tooth extractions. Panoramic X-rays capture your jawbone to show missing teeth, impacted wisdom teeth and suspicious lesions. CT scans capture 3-dimensional images used to identify nerve and sinus position for ideal dental implant placement. We use the Carestream 9000 2D/3D X-ray machine, manufactured by Kodak, for our panoramic and CT imaging.

Digital X-Rays

Did you know that digital X-rays emit nearly half the radiation of traditional X-rays? Plus, digital X-rays are quicker, more comfortable and capture more details. We use the Schick digital X-ray sensor system for our digital X-ray imaging.

Intraoral Camera

We use intraoral camera to capture actual photos of your teeth and gums. Using an intraoral camera is a great supplement to X-rays as photos help us better visualize what is inside of your mouth. We use intraoral camera to detect tartar, cracks, broken fillings and other superficial defects. Plus, we use our intraoral camera to track your progress during cosmetic dentistry treatments such as whitening or porcelain veneers.

ZOOM! LED Light Technology


Zoom teeth whitening system is undoubtedly one of the best teeth whitening systems available. The system uses a special LED light to break down hydrogen peroxide gel particles and accelerate the whitening process. We carry the latest Zoom! LED light known as Advanced Power Plus which is very effective and causes minimal post-treatment sensitivity.

Dental Implant Technology

We all fully equipped to perform all various phases of dental implant treatment. From implant motors to sinus lift kits, block bone screw kit to dental implant retrieval system, we’re prepared to do it all. So no matter your implant concerns, we can fix your problem. We utilize the Zimmer and Hiossen surgical implant motor and offer several different systems including Zimmer, Hiossen and Dentis dental implants.

Rotary Root Canal Technology

Rotary root canal, or rotary endo, significantly facilitates and improves root canal treatment. Rotary endo is a device which uses subtle calculated oscillations to automatically clean out your tooth nerve canals. This makes root canal therapy both quicker and more precise. In our office, we use two rotary root canal systems, the Militex Union Broach and NSK rotary system. We also use SybronEndo Touch ‘N Heat to dissect Gutta Percha filling material for even more precision.

To learn more about our advanced technologies and see how we can help you achieve the smile of your dreams, call (949) 481-2540 or book online today. We will gladly discuss more details with you and help you explore your various treatment options.