What is an interproximal cleaner?

Interproximal cleaners are used to clean larger gaps that flossing alone does not clean.

Interproximal cleaners are a set of oral hygiene devices designed to clean large gaps in-between your teeth. Common examples include go-between toothbrush or rubber tips which can be purchased from your neighborhood pharmacy. Regular gaps between teeth should be cleaned with a dental floss. However, if brushing and flossing alone does not fully clean in-between your teeth, then you should consider using an interproximal cleaner.

Who should use interproximal cleaners?

Example of a go-between brush cleaning a large gap.

Interproximal cleaners are designed to clean large gaps in-between your teeth where brushing and flossing alone is ineffective. Here are some examples of where they can be effective:

  • If you have advanced gum disease then you have large gaps in-between your teeth. This makes you a good candidate for using an interproximal cleaner.
  • If you have lots of existing dental work, such as multiple crowns, bridges and dental implants, then you’re also a good candidate.
  • Interproximal cleaners can also be useful for cleaning in-between your teeth during traditional orthodontic treatment. Cleaning teeth with brackets and wires on them can be difficult and challenging. Using an interproximal cleaner helps clean your teeth better, especially since flossing is not an option at this time.

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