Why is oral health important?

Maintaining good oral health and hygiene is important for your teeth and gums. Having healthy teeth allows you to look and feel good. You need to have teeth to properly chew your food and speak. Additionally, good oral health is critical to your overall health and well being. Dental problems can lead to digestive issues, headaches and sinus infections. Luckily, oral problems like bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease, are all easily treatable with proper diagnosis and appropriate care.

How do I maintain good oral health?

The best way to maintain good oral health is through adequate home hygiene. Daily brushing and flossing helps keep your teeth clean and free of plaque. By brushing and flossing regularly, you keep your gums firm and healthy so they don’t bleed or ache. In addition to daily preventive care, you need to maintain regular dental cleanings. A good dental cleaning removes calcified build-ups from your teeth to ensure long-term health of your gums. Additionally, regular checkups help catch cavities in their early stages before they have had a chance to develop into dental infection.

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