What is a bridge?

  • before-dental-bridge
    Missing 2 front teeth

A bridge is a prosthesis used to close large gaps created by missing teeth. Essentially, a bridge is three or more crowns connected to one another to close gaps between your teeth. To fabricate a dental bridge, you need to have at least one healthy tooth on each side of the missing tooth/teeth. Teeth used as anchors are known as abutments and the missing teeth being replaced are known as pontics.

What are the benefits of a bridge?

3 unit bridge closing gap created by missing tooth

A bridge is one option to replace one or more missing tooth. Placing a bridge is a much better option than leaving gaps between your teeth. Once you lose a tooth, the adjacent two teeth and opposing tooth start to drift into the missing gap. Over time, this creates bite issues. Plus, leaving a gap in your mouth leads to cavities on neighboring teeth. Placing a bridge on your teeth prevents these issues from happening.

Is a bridge a good option for me?

  • bridge-versus-dental-implant
    A bridge is secured onto two adjacent teeth to close a gap in your mouth.

The alternatives to a bridge are dental implants and dentures. In most cases, a dental implant is a better option than a bridge. This is because implants don’t damage adjacent teeth, whereas placing a bridge requires shaving of adjacent teeth. This could lead to problems on these neighboring teeth such as requiring a root canal or even losing the anchoring teeth. Plus, it is much more difficult to clean underneath a bridge as compared to caring for dental implants.

There are cases where placing a bridge makes more sense than getting a dental implant, for instance:

  • If the teeth adjacent to a missing tooth already have crowns, or require crowns, then a bridge may be an easier way to close this gap.
  • Sometimes there may not be enough bone to place a dental implant so it makes sense to place a bridge instead.
  • If the gap between two teeth is too narrow, there may not be enough space to insert a dental implant. Again, a bridge becomes the better solution to close these smaller gaps.

Dental bridge in San Clemente.

If you believe that you need a bridge on your teeth, be sure to give us a call. Contact us at (949)481-2540 or book your appointment online today. Our dentist, Dr. Jazayeri, will work with you to determine whether a bridge or dental implant is better for you teeth. We will present pros and cons of different treatments so you can understand what’s best for your teeth. Finally, we will discuss insurance and payment options and offer payment plan if you’re interested. To learn more about bridges and alternative treatments, give us a call today.

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