Tooth Extraction & Wisdom Teeth



Why do we need to remove teeth?


Most of us will have to remove a tooth at some point of our lives due to orthodontic treatment, wisdom tooth impaction or dental infection. Leaving broken and damaged teeth behind in your mouth is never a good idea. Broken teeth cause pain and infection which spreads to other teeth and rest of your body. Furthermore, since not all infections are painful, you may not even be aware that there is an infection inside your mouth. This affects your overall health, leading to unexplained headaches, sinus infection and digestive problems.

What are wisdom teeth?

Impacted wisdom teeth typically need to be removed or they created problems

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are located all the way in the back of your mouth. Some lucky few are born without any wisdom tooth and never have to worry about them. Most others have 4 wisdom teeth in their mouth, one in each corner. You should decide if you need to remove your wisdom teeth as soon as possible. The longer you leave problematic wisdom teeth in your mouth, the more problems you will face. Plus, wisdom teeth become more difficult to remove with age since our jawbone stiffens.

Do I need to extract my wisdom teeth?

  • impacted-wisdom-teeth
    Impacted wisdom teeth are trapped under the jawbone.

Not everyone needs to remove their wisdom teeth, some do and some don’t. You get to keep your wisdom teeth if you have enough room in your mouth to fully accommodate them. Unfortunately, most people don’t have enough space to accommodate these teeth. This means that you need to remove your wisdom teeth. Here is why:

  • Wisdom teeth cause severe pain as they try to unsuccessfully push their way out in your mouth. This can lead to pain, swelling and even abscess in your mouth.
  • As wisdom teeth push their way out, they damage create neighboring teeth and cause cavities on them.
  • Removing your wisdom teeth early on in life helps keep your teeth straight and prevents crowding issues. This is because as wisdom teeth push their way out, they cause your remaining teeth to become crooked.
  • Finally, failure to remove your impacted wisdom teeth can be a major contributor to headaches, sinus troubles or jaw/TMJ problems. Removing your wisdom teeth can help alleviate these symptoms and provide for significant relief.

What are impacted wisdom teeth?

Impacted wisdom teeth are those which are trapped and covered with jawbone. Typically, impacted wisdom teeth are unlikely to come out in their proper position if left alone. As a result, most impacted wisdom teeth must be removed or they will cause problems. In addition to removing these teeth, it’s recommended to add bone graft to large tooth extraction sockets. The bone graft helps your body heal faster and with more predictability. It also prevents jaw fracture and dry sockets from developing.

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