Your First Visit

The first thing that you will notice upon entering our clinic is that there are no patient charts. This is because we are a 100% paperless dental office. Being a paperless office is not only better for the environment, but it’s also a better way of securing your data. All your private information is stored securely on remote, encrypted servers to help protect your valuable personal information.

We require some paperwork before we can start treatment on you. Our paperwork asks about your previous dental history, existing medical conditions, list of medications, allergies and other important information. Our doctor will review your chart and discuss your answers prior to starting treatment.

Reviewing your medical history and medication list is very important. For instance, if you’ve had a hip or knee replacement within the past two years, you will require antibiotic premedication prior to receiving treatment. If you are taking a blood thinner medication, there are certain surgical procedures which must be avoided or done under precaution. If your blood pressure is elevated, we must limit the number of epinephrine shots we give you. If you’re taking a bone inhibitor medication, then all surgical procedures must be delayed until your oncologist clears you. As you can see, there is quite a bit to pay attention to when it comes to your medical history and medications. Be sure to take your time and fill out your medical history and list of medications so we know exactly what we can and can’t do for you.

For patients with dental insurance, bring your insurance card if you have one. If you forgot your card, we will call the insurance to verify that you are an active member so long as you remember the name of your insurance company. If you’re covered under someone a spouse or parents, we also need their information. Keep in mind that we need to get all this information from you prior to starting treatment.

Keep in mind that we offer complimentary consultations and second opinions. This also includes a single periapical or bitewing X-ray. If you have a copy of your dental X-rays, please bring them with you, otherwise we will take our own X-rays. Whether you’re planning on getting braces put on, wisdom teeth removed, or implants to replace missing teeth, you can be confident that the treatment you’re getting is the right one for your mouth.