Check out before and after of some of our most popular dental treatment cases:


Porcelain Veneers Case #1:

Patient presented for cosmetic consultation for porcelain veneers on his top teeth. He was unhappy with his smile due to a combination of discolored teeth, chipping and crooked lateral incisors. We elected to place porcelain veneers on the front 8 teeth and perform Zoom bleaching on the remaining lower teeth. The results were perfectly straight front teeth and a beautiful smile in just weeks instead of years!

  • porcelain-veneers-before-1-san-clemente
    Before placing Porcelain Veneers on front 8 teeth

Porcelain Veneers Case #2:

Patient presented for cosmetic consultation for porcelain veneers on top and bottom. She wanted her teeth straight and permanently whiter. We elected to place veneers on the upper and lower 8 teeth to fix her smile. A total of 16 porcelain veneers were placed (uppers first followed by the lowers). Patient achieved the smile of her dreams in a few months and hasn’t stopped smiling since!

  • porcelain-veneers-before-2-san-clemente
    Before placing Porcelain Veneers on front 6 teeth

Porcelain Veneers Case #3:

Patient presented for cosmetic consultation to fix her upper teeth. In addition to being unhappy with her smile, she had several broken teeth in the back. A total of 6 porcelain veneers and 6 ceramic crowns were placed to restore all upper teeth. Now the patient is able to smile and eat comfortably again.

  • porcelain-veneers-before-3-san-clemente
    Before placing Porcelain Veneers on all upper teeth!

Porcelain Veneers Case #4:

Patient presented for cosmetic consultation to improve her front six teeth. Instead of braces or Invisalign, we recommended that she places porcelain veneers on her front teeth. Patient elected to go for 6 porcelain veneers. As a result, we were able to give her a beautiful smile and whiter teeth without the need for lengthy and expensive orthodontic treatment.

  • porcelain-veneers-before-4-san-clemente
    Before placing Porcelain Veneers on front 6 teeth


Even28 Clear Aligner Case #1: Crowding & Openbite

Patient presented for clear aligner consult. There was several issues including an open bite, crowding and other orthodontic concerns. She qualified for Even28 Clear Aligners and was able to correct all her concerns in less than one year. She now has perfectly straight teeth and no more gap in the front when she smiles.

  • invisalign-before-1-san-clemente
    Before Invisalign Treatment: Open bite, Crowding, Bite issues

Even28 Clear Aligners Case #2: Crowding & Openbite

Patient had previously done some orthodontic work, but her work was never completed. She wanted to finish straightening her teeth and close unsightly gaps between her teeth. She qualified for Even28 Clear Aligner treatment and we were able to straighten her teeth in less than 9 months.

  • invisalign-before-2-san-clemente
    Before Invisalign Treatment: Crowding issues, Openbite, Bite problems

Even28 Clear Aligners Case #3: Crowding & Deepbite

Patient presented with a very deep bite which was damaging her teeth. She wanted to straighten her teeth to prevent further damage to her front teeth. She did not want to go with traditional braces due to aesthetic concerns. Luckily, her case qualified for Even28 Clear Aligners. We fixed her teeth in about 15 months and she was back to smiling and eating without having to worry about her teeth continuing to break off.

  • invisalign-before-3-san-clemente
    Before Invisalign Treatment: Crowing, Deep bite

Even28 Clear Aligners Case #4: Crowding & Deepbite

Patient had concerns about his canine teeth not being in their proper position. He ended up qualifying for Even28 Clear Aligners over traditional braces. IPR was performed to create room for the canines and we managed to help him straighten his teeth without traditional braces.

  • invisalign-before-4-san-clemente
    Before Invisalign Treatment: Crowding, Impacted canine

Even28 Clear Aligners Case #5: Spacing & Openbite

Even28 Clear Aligners are perfect for closing gaps in between teeth. This patient had a combination of gaps and bite problems. She ended up qualifying for Invisalign treatment. We were able to close the gaps quickly, within months, and complete her smile transformation in one year.

  • invisalign-before-5-san-clemente
    Before Invisalign Treatment: Spacing, Openbite


All-on-Four Teeth Case #1: Upper Teeth Extractions & All-on-4 Teeth

The patient had lost most of his upper teeth when he came to us. Unfortunately, his remaining upper teeth were all loose and infected. He was suffering from end stage periodontitis on his top teeth. He was simply tired of spending time and money fixing tooth after tooth just to have them fail a few years later. Additionally, he was not a good candidate for dentures. Since he had all of his natural bottom teeth, wearing dentures would cause tons of issues. After a thorough implant consultation, we elected to remove all of his upper teeth and replaced them with permanent all-on-four dental implants. Treatment time was about 5 months. The smile says it all!

It’s easy to smile when you have fixed, beautiful teeth!

All-on-Four Teeth Case #2: Upper & Lower All-on-4 Teeth

Patient with no teeth elected to receive upper and lower all-on-four dental implants. He had been suffering with his dentures and wanted a permanent solution. All-on-four dental implant treatment was completed within a few months. Patient now loves his new smile. Looking at the patient, you could never tell that his teeth were not his own. In fact, to this date he still gets compliments on his smile and no one knows the teeth aren’t really his!

  • all-on-four-teeth-natural-position-san-clemente
    All-on-four Upper and Lower Teeth (Natural Position)

All-on-Four Teeth Case #3: Upper & Lower All-on-4 Teeth

Another example of an all-on-four dental implant for a completely toothless patient. The new teeth shaved off at least a decade from her appearance! Not to mention she doesn’t have to worry about loose dentures and teeth falling out any longer. The patient loves her new permanent teeth and has been showing them off to all of her friends.

  • Before Upper & Lower All-on-Four Teeth

All-on-Four Teeth Case #4: Upper & Lower All-on-4 Teeth

Sometimes saving your last few remaining teeth just doesn’t make anymore sense. You’ve spent countless hours and a fortune doing root canal treatment, crowns and bridges, only to lose these teeth a few years later. Maybe your teeth are too weak and fragile. Or maybe your gums are so diseased that they can’t support your teeth any longer. Regardless of the reason, sometimes you end yup needing to have all your remaining teeth removed. Our patient here had a few remaining upper and lower teeth left. However, they were all in pretty poor condition. After a thorough consultation, we decided it was not worth salvaging these remaining teeth. The patient elected to go for all-on-four teeth instead. We removed her remaining teeth, placed dental implants and replaced her teeth with a set of upper and lower all-on-four dental implants. The patient loves her new smile and feels much healthier with all those damaged teeth removed.

  • all-on-four-before-1
    Sometimes it's just not worth saving your remaining teeth due to gum disease and extensive decay.

All-on-Four Teeth Case #5: Upper & Lower Fixed Teeth

Patient presented to us with no teeth in his mouth. He hated his dentures. It was a struggle wearing dentures and he had to use tons of denture glue to keep his false teeth in place. We reviewed different treatment options and patient elected to go with upper and lower all-on-four dental implants. He liked the way his dentures filled his mouth and wanted to have prominent, white teeth. The results speak for themselves. He ended up with an amazing smile and teeth that stay in his mouth at all times. No need to ever use denture glue again!


Dental Implant Case #1: Missing 2 Front Teeth

Replacing the front two teeth is one of the most challenging dental implant cases. This is mostly because these teeth are very visible and re-creating the gum tissue around them can be quite challenging. This patient had lost his front two teeth from a childhood accident. Dental implants were placed and restored several months later. The results speak for themselves, and no one can tell which teeth are implants and which ones are his real teeth!

  • dental-implant-before-1-san-clemente
    Before placing Dental Implants missing front two teeth

Dental Implant Case #2: Missing One Lower Tooth

Patient had lost a lower front tooth due to a failed root canal. A single dental implant was placed and restored within a few months. As you can see, the dental implant blends in beautifully with the rest of his teeth. In fact, it is almost indistinguishable from his remaining teeth!

  • dental-implant-before-2-san-clemente
    Before Dental Implant to replace lower missing tooth


Teeth in a Day Case #1

Patient had perfect bottom teeth but his top teeth were in terrible shape. He had 7 remaining top teeth, none of which were worth saving. Also, patient had a bad gag reflex so wearing dentures was NOT an option. He knew he needed all-on-four dental implants for a long time and had been postponing treatment. Finally, with a little push from his supporting wife, he decided to go for it. Teeth-in-a-day was the perfect solution for this patient. Within one visit, we removed all the broken teeth, placed 4 dental implants and gave him fixed teeth. Patient showed up in the morning with a bunch of broken teeth and left around noon with a fixed set of teeth in his mouth and he could not be happier!

  • before-teeth-in-a-day1

Teeth in a Day Case #2

Like many other such patients, this patient had not had luck finding a dentist who could fix his teeth for decades. Crowns and root canals kept failing. He had multiple infected teeth in his mouth and was in constant pain and discomfort. It takes one look to figure out that all his upper teeth were failing. The decision was made to perform all-on-six dental implants. The two additional implants were necessary because of his heavy bite as well as the fact that he has natural lower teeth. We sedated the patient, removed his remaining ten upper teeth (the word tooth should be used loosely here as they were mostly tooth fragments), placed the 6 implants and secured his temporary teeth in place. Infection gone, pain gone and appearance improved in just 2 hours. Finally he can start eating, smiling and enjoying his life the way he is supposed to!

Teeth in a Day Case #3

Patient had a very busy work schedule and was constantly flying for work. He knew he needed a dental implant, but was unable to come in until the tooth finally broke. He refused to wear a removable dentures, which left him with no choice other than teeth in a day. We removed the broken root tip and placed the dental implant and bone graft at the same time. Next, we installed a temporary abutment and made him an acrylic crown. Patient had minimal discomfort throughout treatment and had his front tooth back within an hour! In 3 months, he will return to get his final porcelain crown.

  • tooth-in-a-day-broken-front-tooth
    Patient presented with fractured front tooth. There was not enough tooth structure to save the tooth and tooth in a day was recommended.


Full Mouth Reconstruction Case #1: Crowns, Implants and Gum Surgery

Patient was suffering from a combination of broken teeth, missing teeth and a poor bite. This was the result of wear-and-tear over the years as well as grinding and other poor dental habits. A full mouth reconstruction involving dozens of crown, several dental implants and gum surgery was recommended. In about a year, the work was all completed. Not only did the patient love his new smile, but he had a full set of teeth which helps protect his bite going forward.

  • full-mouth-reconstruction-before-1-san-clemente
    Before Full Mouth Reconstruction